Nanosensor startup Optics11 from Amsterdam got a seed investment of an undisclosed amount from Value Creation Capital’s TechNano Fund. The company makes measurement systems designed for tissue engineers and biomaterial scientists.

Originating from the VU University of Amsterdam, professor Davide Iannuzzi founded the Optics11 in 2011 together with Hans Brouwer. They are combining two nanotechnologies: fiber-top technology and fiber interferometry to make machines that can do precise measurements on vibrations, acoustics or forces, for instance. In addition to supplying capital, Value Creation Capital (through the TechNano Fund) will assume a role in the advisory board.


“We expect substantial growth for Optics11 in their respective markets”, says Willem van den Berg, Managing Partner at Value Creation Capital. “Their technologies are world class and in great demand.” Van den Berg expects a lot from the startup. “The technology is mainly used now in the offshore and biomaterials industry, but there’s so much more possible”, he said to StartupJuncture.

The TechNano Fund is one of the many funds supported by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs. Through the so called SEED-Capital regulation the government injects capital in VC funds to invest in ‘tech and creative startups’.

Image by geralt @ Pixabay
Author: Lorenz van Gool
Read the original article here.
Source: StartupDelta


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