If you’re like me and love seeing new apps and products, you probably poke around on Product Hunt 🚀 every day.

Let’s say you find something that sounds interesting — like a product from a new startup that is (once again) trying to re-invent email marketing.

So you grab the link, head over to their beautiful looking landing page that was built just for this special Product Hunt launch, and sign up for a free account.

The onboarding flow is great. It’s clean, simple, and gets you right into the email editor.

You type up a quick email so you can send something to see how everything works.

But wait.

“Where’s the send a test button?”

“And how do you add contacts to a list?”

“They don’t have the concept of lists?”

“How do I actually pick who I send this to?”

And just like that, you’re gone. Back to browsing Product Hunt and on with your day.


That scenario is one of the biggest mistakes that I see product teams make all the time.

I’ve hired hundreds of designers and engineers, and the same thing always happens: they want to invent something from scratch, instead of leveraging familiar patterns that customers already have muscle memory using.

The startup in the example above tried too hard to come up with their own solution and lost me as a result — vs. seeing how email marketing companies with millions of users like MailChimp have done it, and innovating on that pattern.

And the best startups have been innovating on existing patterns for years.

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Author: David Cancel
Source: This Is Why No One Cares About Your Product – Inc42 Media


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