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Most presentations are designed to persuade funders to invest in thestartup. This is why most of them are quite predictable and boring. This is also one of the reasons why founders find it so hard to raise money – all the pitch decks start looking the same, and they put the poor investor to sleep.

The founders don’t take the trouble to differentiate themselves from all the other startups who are pitching for the same limited funds from investors who have a limited attention span.

While most startup pitches will have a slide which talks about their weaknesses and threats as part of their SWOT analysis; as well as one about the risks, and how they will mitigate them, a really smart founder could use a completely different way of pitching.

The Anti-Pitch

He should use what I call the anti-pitch – which is a slide deck about all the reasons why the investor shouldn’t be giving you money.

Now, this may sound counter-intuitive, but the truth is that any time you pitch to someone, you always encounter resistance.

The first thing the investor thinks of is:

“How and why should I say no?”

His default option is no, because it is much easier for him to say no, and this is usually what he will do 99% of the time.

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Source: How To Prepare An Anti-Pitch Deck To Impress Investors – Inc42 Media


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