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My recent campaign #AruforJY has been well-received. I managed to attain my target amount, INR 62000 in 5 days with 52 backers!

Here are my two cents on running a successful crowdfunding campaign!

Tell A Compelling Story

Make sure you convey Why this campaign? Why should anyone back you? What’s in it for them?

Your narrative should be a good combination of a logical and emotional appeal to your backers. Give them valid reasons to believe in you and your initiative.

Do not make it all about the money. Sell the “why” of your campaign and you are half way through it!

Be Authentic

Be original and help them in believing your authenticity by providing screen shots or cost breakdown of the amount you require for your cause.

Provide links to websites, articles, videos in support of your initiative.

Add in your contact information and encourage getting in touch to come across as genuine.


Create a database of people you wish to reach out to personally.

Decide milestones at which you would send out updates to your backers/potential backers. Say at 20%, 50%, 80% and 100%.

Decide upon social media tools you would use to promote your campaign.

Harness Your Personal Network

I sent out 120+ personalised emails to my friends, family and community members.

Initially, I personally wrote all these emails and it took me one full day! But don’t worry!

Mail Merge is a great tool to send out personalised emails. I’ve subscribed for the premium plan for just INR 2,000. It’s totally worth it!

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Source: 10 Doable Tips To Run A Successful Crowdfunding Campaign – Inc42 Media


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