Is there any difference between angel funding, seed investment, and incubation? Quite some!

Angel Funding

Angels are mostly experienced individuals investing in personal capacities. This might be alone or in a syndicate (more often).

Typical size of investment can be anywhere from $10K to $1 Mn.

Sweet spots are between $100K-400K. They tend to not care so much about control and would love to help whenever they could.

Seed Funding

Technically, it’s a word given to the first round of investment. That said, practically, people have started using it as a term for a formal Pre-Series A round.

This could be through angels or VCs putting in a small check (compared to their typical size). Typically, its a sub $2 Mn round.

I guess the way I look at it….if a proper due diligence is done, people involved are professional investors, and its a formal process, I would call it a seed round.

On the other hand….in an angel round, the angel might have just talked to you on the phone and sent a check the next day.


Typically much lesser money (sub $100K) and a lot of focus on the physical space, connecting to mentors, classroom-kind-of activities, etc.Mostly associated with startups which are probably in the pre-Seed funding stage.

That said, if you are a founder, don’t let the jargon bother you.

Fundamentally, money is money and support is support. Figure out how much of what you need and who can provide it to you better.

And don’t worry about what name you give it.

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Source: Difference between Angel Funding, Seed Investment, And Incubation


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