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You have an idea and you think it is awesome. You get pretty psyched about it; maybe you mention it to a friend or 2. Maybe you even mention it to your mom.

So you begin the process of “launching” the creating to the world. You immediately start doing all the things you think you need to start spreading the word about your awesome new business.

You might:

  • Get a new logo designed (“OMG what should my brand colors be? We have to stay on brand!)
  • Open up a Twitter account and Facebook fan page (“Got to make sure we are engaging!”)
  • Set up a business checking account/get business cards …

Then you do some more tweeting, fiddling and strategizing … and wait. And nothing happens. Nobody retweeted or shared, hit your site or donated to your Kickstarter; nobody is talking about you and nobody cares — it is awful.

Now, without further ado, here are 3 reasons why your idea is not taking off (and what to do about it):

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Source: 3 Reasons Your Idea is Not Taking Off and What to do About it – AlleyWatch


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