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As a senior analyst in law enforcement, Clara van den Bosch know what it’s like working in male-dominated environments. Below she shares ten excellent tips regarding what she’s learnt over the years, much of it through trial and error. 

I had never considered my gender until I started working in law enforcement and realised I had been working for four years in a female-friendly workplace bubble.

I was lucky enough to already know someone who worked in the police force, and better yet, he was a workplace psychologist.

I remember calling him after I got the job and his reaction was, “Get a pen and paper because you need to write down what I tell you”.

However, even the nuanced observations of a trained professional did not prepare me for the abrupt cultural shift I was entering into.

Perhaps it is also telling that the only person I knew to get advice from was a male.

While helpful, his guidance could only ever paint half the picture of what I would encounter as a female in that environment.

Nearly two years later, I’m still here and continually discovering ways to make my way within the workplace.

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Source: Ten practical tips to thrive in a male-dominated sector  – StartupSmart


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