Dave Hochman | VC-List

As an advisor to many early-stage entrepreneur clients over the years, I have experienced the excitement of witnessing venture capital funded startups blossom into thriving mature companies.

I have also seen seemingly well-deserving ventures unnecessarily flounder because they failed to land more than one or two introductory investor meetings.

Although securing the initial funding is only the start of an extensive and exhaustive process, the reality is that many entrepreneurs seeking startup capital from VCs fail to make it past the gatekeepers.

No matter how viable the venture may actually be, there is zero chance of VC funding without a successful first approach.

Entrepreneurs can, however, increase their chances of getting that first meeting and securing initial funding by acting strategically and understanding a VCs motives.

This article will advise startup entrepreneurs as to some of the successful methods — as well as pitfalls to avoid — when it comes to approaching VCs.

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Source: The Do’s and Do Not’s When it Comes to Approaching VCs – VC-List


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