William Altman | CBInsights

China is home to the top 5 most highly valued unicorns outside the US.

The global unicorn club is comprised of 189 private companies that are each valued at $1B+ as of 4/10/2017. Collectively, this cohort of the world’s most valuable private enterprises is worth approximately $659B.

The lion’s share of that value is held by companies that are located in the US. In fact, 52% of the world’s unicorn companies are located in the US, and US unicorns comprise 53% of the cumulative valuation of the global unicorn club.

However, unicorns that are located outside of the US have been proliferating in recent years: Thirty-seven percent of all companies (current and past unicorns) that achieved a $1B+ valuation in 2014 were based outside the US.

The following year, 53% of all the companies that reached unicorn status that year were based outside of the US. In 2016, that number increased again to 58%. So far in 2017, there have been 11 companies added to the global unicorn club; 8 are based outside of the US.

Using CB Insights’ database we charted the share of unicorns that have been added to the club each year since 2013 by location (US vs. non-US). We also mapped the locations of current private companies valued at $1B+ that are based outside of the US. Below the map, you can see a list of all the non-US unicorns, select investors, and the date each reached unicorn status.

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Source: The International Unicorn Club: 91 Private Companies Outside The US Valued At $1B+ On One Map


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