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Until recently, the Vatican hasn’t been very involved in the tech community.

The matters of the soul and the most innovative products had rarely crossed paths, and Catholics around the world were more inclined to go to mass on Sunday than check their Facebook on any given day.

However, in recent years, Pope Francis has made a commitment to bridging the gap between the religion and innovation, as is evident from the Vatican’s involvement in events like SXSW.

Well, the Vatican is going to be even more tapped into the tech world, as a startup accelerator will be launching within the city limits soon.

According to a Medium post from Stephen Forte, the founder of Fresco Capital and brains behind the expectant endeavor, starting an accelerator in the Vatican is about more than just immersing the religious community in tech and innovation.

It’s about spurring growth in the for-profit, mission-driven sector of the startup world.

“I’m motivated to start a global conversation in the investment community on the value of for profit mission driven companies.

As a global citizen with young children, I’m called to respond to His Holiness Pope Francis’ challenge,”

Forte wrote.

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Source: The Vatican Will Soon Be Home to a Startup Accelerator


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