William Altman | CBInsights

The Bay Area, a collection of cities stretching from the area around San Rafael, in the North, to Los Gatos, down South, is home to the world’s most valuable private companies.

Startups like Uber, in San Francisco, and Palantir Technologies, in Palo Alto, are in fact the most valuable and the fifth most valuable private companies in the world, respectively.

However, at least 49 other cities in the Bay Area, are home to a number of well-funded VC-backed tech startups.

On the high end of the funding spectrum, startups such as the cybersecurity company Tanium, in Emeryville, and big data firm MarkLogic, in San Carlos, have raised over $100M in equity funding and are each valued at over $1B.

In fact, of the Bay Area cities included in our analysis below, seven are home to unicorn companies valued at $1B+, all tracked on CB Insights’ real time unicorn tracker.

Unicorns featured in our map include the aforementioned four companies, as well as: autotech startup Zoox, located in Menlo Park, online career information portal Glassdoor, in Mill Valley, and the quote-to-cash software company Apttus, in San Mateo.

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Source: Tech’s Backyard: The Most Well-Funded Bay Area Tech Startups By City In One Map



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