Reza Chowdhury | AlleyWatch

Today, Reza takes a look at the state of venture capital and angel funding during the month of May, both in New York and nationally.

Analyzing some publicly available data from our friends at CrunchBase, we break down the national aggregate statistics for all funding deals by stage of funding (Angel/Seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C+).

To focus on tech-enabled startups, biotechnology companies were excluded from the data set.

One Minute Takeaway

Funding was extremely strong for NYC startups during the month of May, posting a 67% increase in funding from April levels as total funding for the month exceeded $916M.

Late stage funding drove the increase with impressive rounds for Peloton, Kobalt, Spring among others. As a result NYC accounted for over 25% of late stage funding nationally.

Nationally, funding was up close to 8% overall with increases across all stages with the exception of the late stage where funding was down slightly.

Series A rounds nationally surged as a result of the unusually large financing for Outcome Health.

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Source: The May 2017 NYC Venture Capital and Early Stage Funding Report


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