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Station F is the newest tech incubator on the block, and at 366,000 square feet, it boasts the largest facility of any incubator on the globe.

The Paris-located incubator is funded by French entrepreneur Xavier Niel, whose 7-billion-dollar net worth was built on the back of a low-cost internet broadband service that proved revolutionary to the country’s internet standards.

Station F Represents French Ambitions to Be Europe’s “Startup Nation”

Once fully operational, the incubator aims to house 1,000 startups simultaneously. President Emmanuel Macron himself was present for the facility’s Thursday inauguration.

It’s just the latest step in Paris’ move to be recognized as Europe’s tech capital.

The city has already added 40 other incubators in recent years, but Station F is intentionally designed to highlight the focus Paris is putting on tech, as Niel himself explained:

The tech hub will be a “very visible place that creates a strong image for Paris”, Niel told AFP, according to “The idea is to create a place that acts like a beacon and helps others.”

Other Efforts Include an Innovation Fund and a Free School

President Macron extended this concept to the entire nation, announcing the inception of a 11.3-billion-dollar innovation fund last month:

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Source: Paris Just Opened the World’s Biggest Tech Incubator


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