Marisa Kendall | The Mercury News

Instead of founding startups, young people in Silicon Valley increasingly are finding venture capital a more attractive option.

Some are launching their own firms in college or right after graduati…

At first glance, Clancey Stahr looks like any other 23-year-old eager to make his mark on Silicon Valley.

But this baby-faced Stanford graduate is already managing $55 million of other people’s money.

Stahr and his partner, 24-year-old Phil Brady, launched GoAhead Ventures in their senior year at Stanford, and closed their first investment fund last fall.

Even in Silicon Valley, where money flows like Yosemite Falls after a drenching winter, $55 million is a significant sum for a venture capital team just two years out of college.

But GoAhead Ventures isn’t a one-off.

In a trend that turns the established venture capital dynamic on its head, the investors backing the Bay Area’s early-stage tech startups increasingly are 20-somethings with little more than college credits, internships or a few years of work experience under their belts — a far cry from the seasoned tech veterans who traditionally have offered sage advice and guidance to the startups in their portfolios.

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Source: 20-somethings managing millions: How venture capital is changing


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