What makes me different

In business, I live by Steven Covey’s 2nd habit: “Start with the end in mind“. Logically, if you don’t know where you want to end up, you will never know what to do to get anywhere.

My passion, in all honesty, is what I call the “Business Roundabout“, the marriage (point) in all organizations between technology, commerce, business, execution, customer satisfaction and finance. I know, this seems like a tall order, but my firm belief is that those issues cannot be seen in isolation. In fact, wherever I see them being treated as such, chances are the organization at hand is performing sub-optimally, to put it very mildly.

Hands-on and result oriented guidance, advice and services with clear objectives and deliverables is what I do. My background is divers and in almost all cases I am at home in the field of startups, commerce, finance, IT, business administration and technology.

The same background allows me to view commercial, financial and technological aspects of all challenges. I listen very carefully, observe and take the time to deeply understand the critical issues at hand and develop a personalized, honest response designed to drive enduring value.

I always start with the end in mind!