Starting your own business? Are you dreaming of unicorns (of the tech kind, not the horse)? Looking for Product-Market-Fit? Don’t know what to do first?

If your answer is “yes” to any of these (and many similar) questions, you might be looking for a “Startup Expert as a Service” (SEaaS). Someone with extensive experience in the startup scene. Someone who could help you out with many of the issues, questions and troubles in the early life cycles of every  startup.

The early stages of every startup are confusing, stressful and sometimes frustrating. There is a surplus of advice, blog posts and e-books out there, waiting for you, to confuse you.

A SEaaS is not a co-founder, so you won’t be diluting your stock from the very first beginning. SEaaS is a subscription based service, giving you access to an expert who is already familiar with your business at the moment when you need it.

As a founder, in almost all cases, your main goal, stated in general, is to advance upward, through the various levels of investment readiness. No matter what the characteristics of your startup are and in which field you operate. As a startup, sooner or later, you will have to engage with parties who are willing to fund your startup’s expansion. Invariably, they will be very much interested where you stand in terms of investment readiness.

As a SEaaS partner, we can help you with your advancement.

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