• Report: European VC fundraising has tripled in three years to about €12 billion today September 20, 2017 10:32 pm
    How much venture capital is out there? Where is it coming from? Is Brexit causing a shift in Europe? This free 17-page Dealroom aims answer these questions, packed with new insights about the European VC landscape. Underlying data used in this report is available online. If you have any comments on data in this report please contact us via support@dealroom.co. Key insights: Fundraising by European VC funds has tripled from about €4 billion in 2014 to €12 billion in 2016 and a similar amount likely to be raised in 2017 The number of funds grew at the same pace, from 30 to 100 new funds per year, while the average size per fund is constant around €110M In 2016, continental European VC fundraising made a surge, especially in France, Sweden, Netherlands And in 2017 for the first time ever, France leads with €2.7 billion funds raised, vs. €2.3 billion in the UK Additional resources: You can now also explore new VC funds by country and per quarter via this New Funds heatmap: You can also make detailed filters in this New Funds list. For example, these are new Paris-based VCs and corporate funds with Health Tech experience.   The post Report: European VC fundraising has tripled in three years to about €12 billion today appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • New: create your own interactive charts September 16, 2017 3:49 pm
    You can now easily create your own interactive charts. This allows you to analyse funding and exit trends by industry, market or any other filter. For example: series-A rounds in London, or VC-backed exits in Europe. To get started, simply visit Transactions (Rounds or Exits), then use the normal filters, and click on Show Stats. You can view data quarterly or annually. To see the individual transactions inside each quarter click on the columns inside the chart, which will then show the transactions in that period, sorted from large to small. Click here to get started now! The left chart shows amounts in € millions (top 3 means: the three largest transactions), while the right chart shows number of transactions. Your chart creation in stored in the URL, so you can easily share it. For any questions, please feel free to contact us via Intercom inside the app. Note: excluded from funding totals are: debt rounds, secondary rounds, outside tech, lending capital. The post New: create your own interactive charts appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • Horizon 2020 using Dealroom to track 2,400 companies from its €3 billion SME Instrument portfolio September 10, 2017 8:49 am
    Business case – How to keep track of a €3 billion portfolio? Horizon 2020 & SME Instrument – Horizon 2020 is a European Union funding programme to support and foster research and innovation. Horizon 2020’s SME Instrument is a €3 billion fund to support high-potential companies to develop “groundbreaking innovative products, services or processes”. The SME Instrument will help 7,500 companies to put their innovations onto the market, by the end of 2020. Results so far – Since 2014, more than 2,400 SMEs were selected to receive funding (out of more than 31,000 applications) in 36 countries. Investments include well-known companies like Monese, Acast, SnappCar, Swap.com. The fund has already realised 11 exits. To learn more about the fund’s achievements, read the full SME Instrument Impact Report or just check the highlights presentation. Dealroom.co – Since early 2017, Dealroom provides the SME Instrument team with research and online tools to analyse and track its 2,400 investments. Some of that information is available to you on Dealroom. Click on the image below to explore SME Instrument’s entire portfolio in list view or grid view (pro tip: in grid view, use the top-right menu to pivot different viewpoints). The post Horizon 2020 using Dealroom to track 2,400 companies from its €3 billion SME Instrument portfolio appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • Identify high-growth companies and trends in Europe using real-time data August 25, 2017 11:35 am
    Dealroom tracks the growth performance of over 500,000 companies globally, from seed to (very) late stage. In addition to funding and news, Dealroom tracks real-time growth signals (user engagement and employee growth). The report available below is an initial exploration into growth performance across Europe by country, industry, funding and growth stage. Sometimes it’s useful (and fun) to crunch data without a specific end-goal in mind. This is exactly what we did here. Hence, this report is not yet conclusive but meant to lay the groundwork for more analysis on real-time growth signals going forward. If you’d like us to pursue a specific angle here, please let us know! Dealroom’s Growth Rank explained As explained in this previous post, Dealroom tracks the growth performance of over 500,000 companies globally, from seed to (very) late stage. Companies are ranked by growth based on: Estimated website visit from SimilarWeb App store downloads (iOS/Android, via PrioriData) Social media engagement Employee growth (new!) The growth ranks are based on an algorithm which takes into account growth during the last 6 and 12 months. Growth is adjusted for the base the company is growing from. Out of the 500K+ companies in Dealroom’s database, 220K companies are ranked. Each of those 220K companies has a unique rank (1st, 2nd, …) and is classified into growth percentiles: top 5%, top 10%, top 25% and top half. These growth filters can then be used in combination with other filters (industry, stage, ..) to compare peers and identify high performance... The post Identify high-growth companies and trends in Europe using real-time data appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • Dealroom: the industry source of record for European tech August 21, 2017 8:00 pm
    More and more publications are recognising Dealroom as the industry standard for data, insights and identifying new trends in European tech: The Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times, Les Echos, Reuters and many others have featured Dealroom data in 2017. Below is an overview of selected articles: International The New York Times on French tech and the launch of Station F The Economist on the stunning rise of French Tech Politico on UK VC funds being overtaken by European venture capital funds, post Brexit Business Insider on Europe’s most prominent European VC investors The Financial Times on the need for European scale up capital The Financial Times on VC funding in France The Financial Times on VC funding post Brexit The Financial Times on European Unicorns TechCrunch on Atomico’s State of European Tech 2016 Reuters on Eastern European tech VentureBeat on now being the best time ever to be an entrepreneur in Europe   United Kingdom The Independent on Eastern European Tech Wired UK on the UK’s top investments Wired UK on Europe leading the way in AI Wired UK on Investments in London despite Brexit Wired UK on State of European Tech report   France Les Echos on Europe as the gravitational center of Deep Tech Les Echos on why French tech is opening its borders   Germany Wired DE on Tech in Europe Berlin Valley on the startup news of the week   Italy Il Sole 24 Ore with multiple posts featuring Dealroom Il Corriere De La Sera on startups in... The post Dealroom: the industry source of record for European tech appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
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  • Number of active unique investors in Europe August 21, 2017 7:54 am
    Dealroom’s database contains over 17,500 investment funds and other professional investors. But how many of those are actively investing in European tech each year? We analysed Dealroom data to find out. The number of unique active investors in European tech companies grew over 3x in the past 4-5 years, from 758 in 2012 to 2,484 so far in 2017.  That’s 31% annual growth. Growth was roughly similar across all investor types: funds, corporates, and “other” which includes angels, crowdfunding platforms and accelerators participating in rounds. By comparison, the amount of venture capital invested and the number of VC rounds grew roughly 3.5x during the same period. 2017 is on track to accelerate growth in number of unique active investors. This acceleration is driven mostly by an increase in active angel investors in 2017. Dealroom estimates that for the full year 2017, the number of unique active investors could approach or even top 4,000. Click below to open the mini slide-deck: The post Number of active unique investors in Europe appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • Mobile app intelligence: partnership with Priori Data July 5, 2017 8:06 pm
    We’re very pleased to announce a new data partnership with Priori Data, the Berlin based provider of mobile app intelligence. Here are a few simple example queries that are now possible: Top 5% fastest growing apps at Series-A stage in Europe Top 25% fastest growing apps in Berlin Top 25% fastest growing apps in Europe without known VC funding The App Growth Rank is a composite ranking calculated by Dealroom based on size-adjusted growth in cumulative app installs during the last 6 and 12 months. Each individual company profile (such as Telegram) provides the underlying data used (iOS and Android). At the bottom of each chart, a link is provided to the relevant Priori Data app page for further information. Start exploring App Growth Rankings   About this partnership Dealroom aggregates various growth signals to identify rising stars, to rank & sort results, and to benchmark peers and competitors. Until now, these growth signals primarily depended on website visitors, social media engagement and funding momentum. Being able to tap into app store data has always been high on our wish-list. After an initial trial period with Priori Data (with outstanding results), we came away extremely impressed with the team and the data. For Dealroom, this partnership is another big step in overall comprehensiveness and value proposition. If you would like to learn more about how the combination of this data can assist you, please contact sales@dealroom.co About Priori Data Priori Data offers a powerful market intelligence platform that enables companies to build long-term... The post Mobile app intelligence: partnership with Priori Data appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • Vilnius tech map launched June 8, 2017 8:58 pm
    Lithuania’s capital, Vilnius just launched a tech map, powered by Dealroom. Vilnius now becomes part of an extensive network of similarly crowd-sourced and Dealroom-powered tech maps (Amsterdam, StartupDelta, Techstars, the European Commission, …). The map was initiated by Go Vilnius, a public institution. The Baltics (Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia) are like Europe’s Israel, punching well above their weight as tech hubs as the below chart shows. Notable Lithuanian companies About Dealroom Ecosystem Solutions Fully managed tech maps such as these are part of Dealroom’s suite of Ecosystem Solutions, which includes: Crowd-sourced maps (build communities) Insights: analytics dashboards for policy makers and ecosystem enablers Policy decision support tools: benchmarking, tech employment impact analysis and other bespoke research solutions Advisory solutions: accelerating development of ecosystems If you’d like to learn more about Dealroom Ecosystem Solutions please contact us now. Launch Vilnius Tech Map The post Vilnius tech map launched appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • Finally Online: Europe’s 500 Most Prominent Venture Capital Investors June 7, 2017 10:46 pm
    Back in April, Dealroom published a preliminary ranking of Europe’s 500 most prominent venture capital investors (see April post). The ranking has already been published by Business Insider, Corriere della Sera, and many others. Feedback and input was received from numerous VCs. Now this ranking is finally online! This means you can now search & filter the list by criteria such as location, industry experience, country experience, location. Here are just some examples of what is possible: Top investors in Poland (or Madrid) Seed stage investors based in the U.S. (but investing in Europe) Investors with experience in Poland (or Latvia) Top investors in the Netherlands with travel tech experience Top corporate investors in France (or Europe) Over 10,500 investors were reviewed for this top ranking: funds, corporate investors, angels, accelerators and crowdfunding platforms. The rankings per country are as follows: All the received input and feedback from numerous venture capital firms has been reflected. But you can still provide us with info as we will keep updating the ranking regularly. Below is an FAQ based on the questions we’ve received. How is the ranking calculated? The ranking is based on nine different indicators which look at: investment activity, current portfolio size and quality, and (successful) exits. See bottom of this blog post for more detail on the nine indicators. What is the goal of this ranking? The main goal is to make it easier to see which investors you should consider in various cases such as: – A founder looking for capital – An investor looking for co-investors – A corporate M&A team looking for VC portfolios to explore – An LP... The post Finally Online: Europe’s 500 Most Prominent Venture Capital Investors appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.
  • Dealroom growth rank, explained June 1, 2017 6:24 pm
    All companies on Dealroom.co are ranked and can be filtered by their so called growth rank. The growth rank is based on estimated website visitor growth (we use Alexa and SimilarWeb). Growth is calculated for the last 6 and 12 months, both adjusted for the base the company is growing from. Estimated website visitor growth is a highly imperfect but still extremely useful real-time growth signal, enabling you to sort and filter companies by estimated traction. We recently made some upgrades to the algorithm resulting in better results. You can simply add & remove filter criteria, to compare similar companies. Pro tip: estimated website visitor growth has proven to be a useful indicator for B2B companies as well, contrary to popular belief. You can also compare companies within any geography. For example: the top 10 Spanish companies by growth rank. The algorithm and growth signals will be continuously improved. Stay tuned as very soon more growth metrics will be added (separately and as combined rank)! Click here to see the European top-10 The post Dealroom growth rank, explained appeared first on Blog | Dealroom.