• Live July 17! AMA with Nadya Khoja, Head of Marketing at Venngage & Creator of Drunk Entrepreneurs July 17, 2018 4:30 pm
    Upon realizing that her decision to pursue a theatre degree would lead to a life of little to no financial growth, Nadya decided to complete a Masters Degree in Digital Media.  Soon after that she began her work at Venngage Infographics, where she was told she would be trained in digital marketing en lieu of her lack of experience. Three years later and Nadya is still at Venngage wondering when she will get the training she was promised.  Eventually Nadya became obsessed will all things related to Lead Generation, SEO and Content Marketing, and with the help of her team, managed to lead to a 2000% growth in acquisition and monetization for Venngage, but she prefers to take sole credit for it when asked. Her co-workers have described her as “wildly unpredictable”, “a weirdo” and “bald”, all of which are true.  Nadya has written for and been featured on publications such as Forbes, The Next Web, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Mashable, Wired and CBC News. She also speaks at a number of events every year on topics ranging from principles and strategies for creating viral content, to the importance of visual communication and how they can lead to acquisition growth.  Here are some recent articles: https://venngage.com/blog/growth-strategy/ https://venngage.com/blog/presentation-design-statistics/ When Nadya is not at Venngage, she spends much of her free time drinking and contemplating her existence. In an effort to transform her unhealthy hobby into a productive project, she decided to start Drunk Entrepreneurs, a web-series where she drunkenly shares marketing advice with whoever is depressed enough to watch. She considers her dog, Scooby, to be her best friend.  Nadya will be live on Tuesday, July 17 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which she will answer as many questions as possible.
  • AMA with Maja Voje, CMO at OriginTrail July 12, 2018 4:30 pm
    Hey growth fam!  So excited to do this. I’ve been reading GrowthHackers.com for four years, every single week, learned a tone, the team is beyond amazing - they are sharing knowledge royalty and before I dive into what I do - let me just say how endlessly grateful I am to have a chance to share with the community some knowledge bombs of: *sweat, blood and tears during TGE (ICO of utility tokens) - crazy times when numbers that most teams would celebrate as great monthly results have to be delivered weekly  *falling in love with instant feedback and transparency of the crypto community,  *becoming a sucker for decentralization and privacy driven by blockchain technology and  *transitioning from TGE (fundraising mode) to building a business as a CMO. Before joining OriginTrail as a CMO last year, I worked as a growth strategist and growth marketer for three years with the various high-tech companies. Since I have huge FOMO swings when I learn something new - I’ve also coordinated a Kickstarter campaign back in 2016 and co-created a Udemy course last fall in Growth hacking with the wonderful Eazl team.  Prior to that, I got valuable experience running local projects for Google and Rocket Internet in my home country Slovenia.  Now I am full-time CMO of a company OriginTrail, a blockchain company enabling businesses to speak the same language with integrity. We are developing data exchange protocol for interconnected supply chains. It is a B2B, middleware solution, but with a strong community of individual supporters and token holders who will be involved in providing the infrastructure for the decentralized network we are building. In January, OriginTrail raised the equivalent of USD 22.5 million in Ethereum through the Token Generating Event (TGE), including the public token sale, to develop the protocol. I also mentor other projects within Blockchain for Social Impact Coalition, powered by ConsenSys, and I sometimes do ICO reviews. I also like to engage with the local community and meet like-minded people on my travels - blockchain fam is still super small and we need more good growth/marketing people to join us on an exciting journey of raving decentralization and blockchain. Because it is not a future - it is already here.  But since you are here - reading the holy grail of all growth wisdom in the planet, you are probably more interested in your career than mine 🙂 Ask away! I welcome all the questions and I will answer them honestly and diligently.  Maja will be live on July 12 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours where she will answer as many questions as possible. Let’s do this! Decentralised AMA! 
  • App Store vs Google Play: Why You Need Separate ASO Strategies July 13, 2018 1:42 pm
    Although the App Store and Google Play both offer app publishers a means to showcase their apps for distribution, each platform differs significantly in terms of types of users, app competition, and Product Page/Store Listing layout. We ran a series of tests that sought to understand how these differences impact visitor engagement and how best to optimize your app store for each platform. Here’s what we found.
  • How We Lowered Cost Per Acquisition from $47 to $9 in a Google Shopping Campaign (Using Audience Lists and Retargeting) July 16, 2018 3:25 am
    People searching for custom Air Force badges or airplane models tend to have something very specific in mind. But just because they search for it doesn’t mean they’re ready to buy. For example, what does it mean if someone searches “Cessna Citation model” in Google? What does this translate to in terms of a Google Shopping Campaign? From our work with Aviator Gear and other clients, we’ve found it’s often people in the research phase of their buying journey. For that reason, those first clicks after a search don’t always represent a high buying intent. This “research phase” audience are usually first-time visitors and usually have a high CPA and low ROAS. In contrast, return visitors tend to convert at a higher rate. Knowing that return visitors convert at higher rates than first-time visitors, we’ve developed a strategy to take advantage of this segment. By using these strategies, we lowered the cost per acquisition for aviatorgear.com from $46 to $7. We also increased their ROAS from 395% to 1019%.
  • How to Build a Huge Core Audience Quickly, Using Contests + Facebook Ads July 16, 2018 7:09 am
    This post is going to share exactly how to build your core audience, what’s known as your “seed audience,” using contests and Facebook ads.
  • The 10 Facebook Metrics Every Marketer is Tracking July 16, 2018 2:39 pm
    With so much content out there around Facebook Ads optimization, we wanted to get a feel for how marketers were tracking their organic Facebook performance. To do that, we looked at the most-tracked Facebook metrics from Databox users. In total, that meant analyzing more than 25,000 Facebook metrics being tracked in Databox. Here are the most-tracked Facebook metrics, with examples for how to track each one.
  • Influencer Marketing isn't just for charcoal masks and detox teas - B2B brands can use it too. Here's a few tips! July 16, 2018 2:04 pm
  • 30 Eye-Catching Examples of Color Combinations In Display Ads July 16, 2018 2:44 pm
    Here's a list of 30 curated color palette ideas will provide you with all the knowledge you need to start designing a fantastic banner today.
  • Live July 24! AMA with Sujan Patel, Co-founder of Web Profits & Ramp Ventures July 24, 2018 4:30 pm
    Hi, I’m Sujan Patel. I’ve been in digital marketing for 14+ years and learned most of what I know the hard way or as I like to think of it, “the fun way”. I’ve helped grow Mint, Salesforce, and 100s of unsexy companies. I run the US division of Web Profits. We’re 100+ person growth marketing agency with offices in Los Angeles, Sydney & Singapore. I also run Ramp Ventures which owns and operates 7 sales & marketing SaaS companies such as Mailshake, VoilaNorbert, Pick, Linktexting.com and more. We’re a small team making simple products to help people do big things. I blog regularly, create weekly videos and when I’m not working you can find me at the race track (I love going fast.. skydiving, motorcycles, cars). People always tell me I should focus but I’m on a mission to prove “them” wrong 😉 I am an open book and love helping people so ask me anything Sujan will be live on Tuesday, July 24 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which he will answer as many questions as possible.
  • Live July 19! AMA with Val Geisler, Email Marketing Strategist and Conversion Copywriter July 19, 2018 4:30 pm
    Hi Growth Hackers! I’m Val Geisler, Email Marketing Strategist and Conversion Copywriter, and I'm ridiculously obsessed with email and the customer experience. You probably dream in conversion and churn numbers and I do too… and that's exactly why we're going to get along. But let me tell you something: I'm not your traditional Growth Hacker. I was born the oldest of four kids in a busy household with two working parents. In my Girl Scout troop, I was the organizer of the cookie sales, the planner for all outings, and the leader of the team. I am, after all, a Leo. In college I majored in theatre production became a professional stage manager in the opera world. It was a fast-paced, high drama environment that required deep levels of organization. I mastered the Excel spreadsheet. Fonts and color-coding were my tools and knowledge and communication were my game. I managed paperwork, props, moving parts, and personalities galore. Never one to shy away from a huge task, I then brought a big Canadian brand to a small Virginia town and built a community around yoga and love. It was an incredible honor. I’ve coordinated volunteers and participants at the Happiest 5k on Earth and planned travel logistics for the team making it all happen. To say that over the years I learned a thing or two about speaking to a customer's needs and wants is an understatement. I've spent the last six years deep in the world of customer experience and research. I built the content and email marketing for a fast-growing startup, wrote around the Internet about what makes for good email, and I am an introvert who loves figuring out how people think. I also spent over a decade behind the scenes of everything from non-profits to multi-six-figure businesses, and I have the innate ability to think big picture and minute details at the exact same time. While this drives my husband a bit crazy, it works out really well for growing software companies. So, yeah. I guess I am a Growth Hacker after all. Some email marketing things that might interest you: Email Onboarding Tear Down: Calendly Email Onboarding Tear Down: Shopify Email Marketing for eCommerce The Most Valuable SaaS Customer Everyone Forgets Feel free to ask me anything you want to know about email marketing, customer experience, or women in tech. I'm passionate about those three topics in ways I can't quite describe.  Oh, and come say hi on Twitter! I'd love to continue to get to know you. Val will be live on Thursday, July 19 starting at 930 AM PT for one and a half hours during which she will answer as many questions as possible.
  • eCommerce Store: Forget About Your Website July 13, 2018 4:04 pm
    What would happen if for some reason your customers couldn't visit your eCommerce website? ❌ Would that mean the end of your sales? 📉😢 Absolutely not! The answer lies in Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. 📈😄
  • Positioning is the Part of “Product Market Fit” You’re Likely Ignoring July 12, 2018 3:16 pm
    This article is not about content marketing. It’s about a key learning we’ve acquired after years of doing marketing: If your positioning is wrong, your marketing will fail. …including content marketing. And if your marketing fails, you’ll fail in general, because you won’t have a repeatable, scalable acquisition channel. We’ve learned this lesson time and time again, with our own businesses, and with clients’ businesses. So we wanted to finally share our thoughts on this.
  • International SEO: the ultimate guide to hreflang July 12, 2018 12:03 pm
    🌍 When you're dealing with websites available in multiple languages, there's no escaping from hreflang. Hreflang looks straight forward, but correctly implementing it is no small feat which SEO specialists Aleyda Solis, Jenny Halasz, Kevin Indig and David Iwanow confirm. In this article we cover: What the hreflang attribute is and why you should care about it. What search engines support the hreflang attribute. How to implement the hreflang attribute. What best practices to adhere when implementing it. What are your experiences with hreflang? What works well for you to get search engines to finally get what target audience you're aiming for?
  • Startup Structure: How to Build Your Finance Department for Growth July 13, 2018 8:37 am
    Whether you’re a startup or a large company, there’s always a lot to consider when it comes to financial management. That becomes even more true when it's time to scale up and grow. That’s why we decided to tackle the most important question facing any startup about to take off: What’s the best way to organise your finance department?
  • How to Create Content for Ecommerce July 11, 2018 1:31 pm
    Content might be the most innocuous word on the internet today, even more so within SEO. It seemingly has no definition; it’s everything. We all know we need it, most folks are confused about what it actually is – and it’s even harder to create the elusive, but more desired variation of “great content.” With all that said, crafting content to serve all the different needs of an Ecommerce website might be the most difficult. Nick works with Ecommerce sites of all sizes, in a wide variety of niches, on all sorts of platforms, and sees an amazing level of variability in content production… The good news is this puts Nick in a unique position to share some specific, actionable insights with you when it comes to creating content for Ecommerce. The aim of this article is to run through all of the content you should be creating to leverage SEO to drive traffic and sales from your Ecommerce website.
  • How to Get Quality Backlinks if You Are an Amateur in Content Marketing July 10, 2018 10:06 am
    I am going to deal with this issue throughout this article and present you with some of the best strategies that will answer the main question: “How to get quality backlinks?” First, however, I would like to define the main concepts that are related to our topic and walk through it, step by step.
  • Spotify UX Analysis: 170 Millions Users, 170 Million Unique Experiences July 6, 2018 4:52 pm
    Since its launch in 2008, Spotify has been a force to be reckoned with in the entertainment industry. One of the first companies to bring music streaming mainstream, it has since expanded to include podcasts, videos and more. As of May 2018, Spotify has 170 million monthly active users, 75 million of which are paying subscribers. In our latest app teardown, we take a close look at the newest version of Spotify’s mobile app. Our focus will be on the onboarding process, discovering and listening to music, and unique features.
  • [Pinterest] How to build a high impact growth team - Structure and Hiring July 11, 2018 4:08 pm
    Every company has a different optimal growth strategy. So, every company needs a different kind of growth team to find and execute on that strategy. In this post, I’ll talk about general concepts to consider when building a growth team, a base for you to iterate on to create the right kind of growth team for your company.
  • We Analyzed 752,626 Facebook Ads, and Here’s What We Learned July 11, 2018 5:58 pm
    In 2015, AdEspresso analyzed the text from 37,259 ads from our Facebook ad examples gallery to find out exactly how the best Facebook advertisers are piecing together their ads. Today — nearly three years later — this has grown more than 20X: we analyzed 752,626 ads! While some of our original results have remained constant (the most popular headline is still five words long), a lot has changed.
  • Digital Cameras Pricing Analytics Report in the UK July 13, 2018 10:43 am
    From now on, we are starting the series of pricing analytics reports covering the price fluctuations, market status, the price positioning of big players on certain verticals in biggest e-commerce environments. While creating the report and discovering the findings, we’ll be using the abilities of our software Prisync. As you should know, Prisync is a price monitoring software that enables retailers to track competitor prices, gather the data and display the fresh price information automatically without any hassle on the comprehensive dashboard of Prisync. That’s why we thought why we don’t use our software to track critical verticals in order to provide data-based insights to e-commerce followers and professionals! So, here the first part of our huge series – Digital Cameras Pricing Analytics Report in the UK. Stay tuned and don’t miss the next reports.
  • Case Study: How an eCommerce Store Generated 41k Emails From 1 Contest July 14, 2018 4:58 am
    This post is going to give you the breakdown on how it’s never been easier to create an eCommerce store, the key indicators are required for a successful store and how 1 eCommerce store collected over 41,000 emails and over 14,000 social followers from one 15 day contest.
  • Singular vs. Multi-Product Growth Benchmarks Report (Case Study - 512 Data Points) July 12, 2018 1:28 pm
    Should the long-term plan for your company be to build multiple products, or stick with just one offering? We looked at data from 512 subscription companies to determine what's more beneficial for growth.
  • 7 People Management Tips that Will Help You Hone Your Craft as a Manager July 12, 2018 5:12 pm
    People commonly make the mistake of thinking that managing people is about meeting revenue targets or sales goals. That’s the product of good management—but how you get there is what really counts. As a manager, you have to understand all of the small quirks and big ambitions that drive your people. You have to augment their strengths and help them improve their weaknesses. In today’s data-driven world, we’re used to solving problems by digging into the data. If you want to ramp up user growth, you might analyze different marketing channels to see where your users are coming from. If you’re identifying a churn problem in your product, you want to find out how people are engaging with your product. But management is something that’s less quantitative, and often more elusive. You won’t become a great manager by staring at spreadsheets all day—you have to put in the time and effort with your people. Luckily, as with any other craft, management skills can be learned, if you’re willing to put the time in.
  • How To Use Social Listening To Find High-Quality Guest Blogging Opportunities July 10, 2018 3:10 pm
    Finding those guest post opportunities isn't always easy. In today’s post, I’m going to show you how you can use a tool called Awario to pull quality, attainable guest post opportunities from the 13 billion web pages that Awario monitors every single day.
  • AMA with Pascal van Steen, Founder at Spike - Blockchain Marketing July 10, 2018 4:30 pm
    Hey Growth Hackers! I'm Pascal and I am passionate about growth. Super recently I co-founded the Blockchain Marketing Agency: Spike. Before I went down this road I freelanced as a growth marketer for several crowdfunding projects, I was head of growth at a sustainability startup and eventually ended up in the blockchain startup scene. I try to host meetups every 2 months or so here in Amsterdam with my community Growth Hacker Talk and more recently also partnered up with a blockchain consultancy firm and with a crypto fund to host the Square5 - Blockchain Investor Summits. The most recent successful project I ran as a freelance growth marketer was Blockport. An Amsterdam-based social crypto-exchange. They decided to raise funds through a token sale and hired me to head their growth, together with a friend and fellow growth marketer Gino Taselaar we designed the complete marketing strategy for this token sale. We heavily leveraged social ads and retargeting, partnerships, bounty programs, viral marketing and user acquisition. All marketing starts with a good product, and even though Blockport didn't have a working product yet at the time of the token sale, we did do a lot of customer development and made sure that we had a very resonating value proposition. This, of course, made our jobs way easier.  By coordinating these channels with each other and some positive side effects from the uptrend in the market back in January we managed to sell out the entire 16,666 ETH token sale in just under 15 minutes! Blockport's mission is to make cryptocurrency accessible to anyone by providing them with an easy to use exchange that also has social trading features, like the ability to follow other traders, check out their trade performance history, and, if you like what you see, copy their portfolio. Community is a big part of what Blockport is all about, so that has been a large focus in our marketing strategy. Community is also a big factor for crypto investors to invest in a project or not, so it kind of felt like a necessity to run experiments to get a viral channel to work.  I currently live in Amsterdam, right next to the Vondelpark (Amsterdam's miniature Central Park) and travel across the country as much as possible to see my lovely girlfriend as often as I can (in the Netherlands this means a 1 hour train ride). I like to go out for a run in the park in my spare time, I love traveling, even though I haven't seen much of the world yet, and I very much enjoy reading books. Currently I'm very captivated by "Thinking, fast and slow" If you want to get in touch, feel free to add me on Linkedin. I will be live on July 10 starting at 9:30AM PT for one and a half hours during which I will answer any questions you may have regarding the marketing process of a blockchain token sale or Amsterdam