OPEN POSITIONS: PROGRAM MANAGER @ ANGEL CHALLENGECompany: Angel Challenge ASJob Title: Program ManagerOpen positions: 3Location: Oslo, NorwayStart Date: Mid-September 2018Contract duration: 3 months (with the option to be extended)Applications Close: 1st of August 2018For questions and enquiries contact: virginia@angelchallenge.com Sumbit your application here  Do you have a passion for startups? Are you up for the challenge of activating angel investors in Norway, your country or elsewhere? Do you love to help and impact others in a serious, but fun environment? Are you comfortable on a small stage and get energy from helping others? If you can relate to any of these - Then we have the job for you!We are searching for 3 Program Managers to run the Angel Challenge programs for the Fall 2018 and Spring 2019 and help us grow as a global organization.You will join us for 3 months in our offices in Oslo where you will:Be trained to become an AC Program ManagerRun 1 or 2 of the Angel Challenge programs for Fall 2018: Oslo, Trondheim, Stavanger, Bodø.After these 3 months, the Program Manager should also be willing to run an Angel Challenge program in their country or local community during Spring 2019. About Angel ChallengeAngel Challenge is a workshop-based program to train Angel Investors on startup investing and to accelerate startups in their growth journey. For two months, 20 Angel Investors and 10-15 Startups work together and challenge each other on the different stages of growth and fundraising of a startup.With these programs, our mission is to build a stronger startup ecosystem by professionalizing the startup investing industry, by activating more angel investors, making the investments more visible, and making more startups investable.Our premise is that Angels and Startups “Learn by doing”. At the end of the program, Angels learn about startup investing by performing their first investment. While startups learn how to be investable by developing their investment case opportunity and closing their first fundraising round.Angel Challenge is a part of a greater network and team under the umbrella Startup Norway. Startup Norway are working with Angel Challenge, Startup Extreme and OHOI - Oslo House of Innovation (a startup-investor space). You will be part of this team.Angel Challenge factsSince we started in 2015, Angel Challenge has:Trained more than 300 investors and 500 foundersRun 13 programs in 5 cities around NorwayFacilitated more than 30 investments with a total amount of 70 Million NOK (7 Million EUR)Angel Challenge was awarded best Norwegian accelerator program in Nordic Startup Awards 2016. About the role of Program ManagerDuties and ResponsibilitiesThe Program Manager is responsible for running an Angel Challenge program together with the AC team. AC team is responsible for the recruitment of startups and investors to the program and will provide you with the content, materials, systems and training needed to run a program successfully.As a Program Manager, you will be responsible for executing an Angel Challenge program. You will act as a facilitator to the program. This is:You will host program participants and invited guestsYou will provide lesson materials and workshops to the investors and startupsYou will coordinate all activities, meetings and events set as a part of the programYou will manage relationships and communications with program participants, speaker and other AC partners.You will follow up program participants during the program and secure that program goals are met.You will be a representative of Angel Challenge in the communityQualifications:Great oral and written communicator in English. It is a plus if you speak Norwegian, but it is not required. Good group facilitation skills.Minimum 2-5 years’ work experienceProven track-record as an independent and responsible doer through prior experience.Comfortable with a variety of responsibilities – The Program Manager makes investments and wipe down tablesYou work for the mission, not for counting work-hoursBonus qualifications:Credible background experience towards investorsProven interest and competence around startups fundraising/ investments/ venture capital etc.Strong positioning in your local startup communityPrevious experience as facilitator to a startup community eventEntrepreneurial experience is a plusPerks and CompensationCompetitive TermsLearning experience in angel investing and startup growthOpportunity to run an Angel Challenge program in your own communityFreedom under responsibilityTraveling opportunities around Norway and abroadUnexpected career opportunities (we move fast!) Submit your application here
    Virginia Vegas
     Impact has been an exciting program for investors and startups - dedicated to learning more about Impact investing internationally. Based in one of the world's leading countries for both corporate and government impact-led innovation; Norway.This program has differed slightly to all programs we have run previously - this time, there won't be a single winner. Investors had exclusive access to 12 of the most promising startups from around the world (chosen from a list of 800+). Investors have been given the opportunity to watch them develop and grow over a 12-week program. Big thanks to our partners, Katapult Accelerator who have worked closely with us to make this program unique. Our investors have learned about impact investing from a leading Impact focused accelerator program and now they have the option to invest in any of the three leading startup candidates: State of Place, Oizom and RxAll. Usually, there is a crowned winner of an Angel Challenge program but this time all startups have the potential to receive investments from the Angel Challenge Investor Network.  The three leading startups get more face time with the investors during the program and any potential investments will be secured on 2nd May. Will there be investment in one, two or all of the leading startups? The decision is down to our investors. After the final workshop, Katapult will host a Demo Day (14th May) where the remaining 9 startups who were not selected to move forward in the process have the chance to discuss future investments with the AC Network and all startups have the opportunity to present. Some startups caught the eye of our investors but didn't make it to the final three, now they will get the chance to meet again! Startups & investors have the opportunity to make investments happen outside of the program. Our goal is to make investments happen and we don't want to limit this to within the confines of the program. Angel Challenge provides a platform for startups and investors to be educated; bringing people from the startup ecosystem together is also one of our main focuses. Education is so important when it comes to having your startup succeed or making sensible investment choices but once you've gone through the program and are a fully fledged expert, we want participants to be able to put their knowledge into practice. We place a lot of emphasis on matchmaking and putting the right people in touch so that the education & networking experience from the program can be used to help contribute towards a sustainable startup ecosystem. You're not only receiving an educational footing, you're also gaining a relevant network.  "How to invest in Startups"Angel Challenge is the leading Norwegian startup investor education program for anyone wanting to learn more about how to invest in startups. This knowledge is shared throughout the program & tailored specifically to impact investing.  Meet investors and startups: Both events are invite-only with guests from the startup and investment community in Oslo and the wider country. Who will be there?All participants from the Angel Challenge program, Investors, and StartupsAngel Challenge Alumni Investors A group of investor-ready startupsIndustry-leading experts and partnersInvestors curious about Startup InvestingIf you'd like to attend. Give us a shout! mail@angelchallenge.comKeep an eye on our social media for updates on the Impact program.Like us on Facebook, Follow us on Twitter, Heart us on Insta.Meet The Finalist Startups State of Place (SOP) is anurban data analytics platform to help placemakers identify and economically justify urban design, planning, and development projects that create thriving places people enjoy. SOP collect about 280 on-the-ground features about the built environment - including the nutsand bolts of streets, like sidewalks, crosswalks, and street width, to the softer elements like facades, benches and trees which ultimately create the State of Place Index. The Index, which ranges from 0 to 100, is broken up into subindices that capture the urban design dimensions empirically to walkability and quality of place. Learn More  Oizom is an Environmental Solution Company. Through strategic installations, Oizom develops a dense data-grid of networked instruments which helps us understand air pollution and climate change. The monitoring allows for spotting and resolving the sources of pollution. Oizom Big-data is the key to accurate forecasting & change analysis of environmental conditions. Oizom artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms identify unique patterns in ecological dynamics and provide accurate forecasting and predictions through machine learning. Learn More  RxAll is an AI pharmacy platform for pharma authentication, distribution and primary care through which patients and pharmacies in Africa order authenticated medicines and receive tele-pharma primary care. RxAll is an Internet and Big Data startup. Their platform uses a molecular sensor device & a cloud database of spectral signatures of medicines to carry out non-destructive product authentication before pharmacy order fulfilment. They are expanding their business in Africa- currently operational in Nigeria, Kenya and Singapore. Users will find RxAll's technology unique as it aims to assure the quality of medicines delivered to patients in growth countries. Learn More  
    India Campbell
  • AC Bergen program begins: MEET THE STARTUPS. April 19, 2018 11:06 am
     KICKING OFF: We kicked off our 2018 Bergen program with a bang a few weeks ago. Members of the Angel Challenge team travelled up to the city on the fjords to meet with our startups & investors for the first scheduled workshop.  Matthew leading the discussion in Bergen Investors and startups came together to experience the program simultaneously.  Investors had their Angel Challenge program debut with an introduction to investing workshop. The program leader - Matthew - gave an overview of the investment industry & let the investors know what to look out for in the pitches.The Startups then had an opportunity to pitch for the first time and captivate the investors' attention with their approaches to business. The first workshop was held at the innovative Bergen's Technology Transfer Office, most widely known as BTO. Their incubator Nyskapingsparken guides start-up companies to help them grow in a faster and safer way. We love to collaborate with businesses who share our goals; they are not hard to find in Bergen. Thanks to our collaborative partners - BTO for lending us the space. Investors & startups learnt the basics in their How to Invest/Receive Investment session. Matthew has a background in startups & as an investor. He is able to give advice and draw from his own experiences in the entrepreneurial and investment sectors. A joint lesson which included both startups & investors allowed the participants to learn together & gave them a chance to get to know one another better.  Thank you to Monika Inde Zsak, CEO of BKK Grønn InVest, who was invited as our guest speaker.  Monika is best placed to give advice on the investment process. BKK invests in new technology and disruptive business startups for the energy industry. She has immersed herself in the investment scene & her lecture displays this.Her advice to those looking for success is to seek advice but trust in yourself and she notes that doing your best is rarely regrettable.We have developed programs throughout Norway's regions to bring the Startup communities from all over the country together. We are lucky here in Norway, we have brilliant entrepreneurs with even more brilliant business ideas and an avid investor network who are willing to invest in the right startups. At Angel Challenge, we aim to bring these elements together and provide an educational footing, to help create a sustainable startup ecosystem.We wish the startups and investors the best of luck on their educational journey through the program. Below is a brief introduction to our startups. Keep an eye on our social media for updates on the Bergen program.  MEET THE STARTUPS:   
    India Campbell
  • Meet the Angel Challenge Team! April 13, 2018 10:33 am
      In our quest to build a stronger ecosystem and diverse investing scene, strength and diversity should be reflected in our own teams.We are proud to boast a team of 17 individuals with a wealth of different backgrounds. Maja, our CEO is a major player in the startup ecosystem in Norway and has filled the team with a brilliant combination of characters.The majority of our team are from all four corners of Norway. In the last year, we have become much more international with team member heritages including: Russian, Spanish, South African, British, Filipino, Indian, Belgian and Jamaican to name a few! “In our quest to build a stronger ecosystem and diverse investing scene, strength and diversity should be reflected in our own teams.” — Angel Challenge Last month we celebrated International Women's Day, with a female majority of 65% in our Angel Challenge & Startup Extreme teams. We would love to see more women and minority groups in the Norwegian startup ecosystem and most specifically as entrepreneurs and investors. An article in The Economist tells us that private wealth held by women is on the rise and that women bring with them a new method of investing. "Studies suggest that women are more risk-aware than men, less likely to be deluded about their financial competence, and more interested in “sustainable” investing (aiming not just at financial returns but also at social or environmental goals). The planet will profit from the rise of the female investor." We are proud to be in touch with entrepreneurs and investors of all ages, backgrounds and sexes. Our ambition is to build towards diversity in the Norwegian startup & investment scene!   
    India Campbell
  • Bergen Startups - Gain a one million NOK investment! March 5, 2018 3:34 pm
    Calling all Bergen startups! 
    Maria Amelie
  • Impact Investing - all you need to know about our new program. February 15, 2018 3:04 pm
     Meet our new lead investor We are excited to announce that Nordic Impact together with Anders H. Lier and Ida Faldbakken are going to be the lead investors in our newest Angel Challenge Impact Investing program.Ida Faldbakken is partner at Nordic Impact, and co-founder of Katapult Future Fest. Prior to that she co-founded Girls Code or Jenter koder, Norway Makers, and the Music tech initiative Mashup."There is a rising movement of start-ups and investors that are looking for profitable ventures that solves real problems in the world, hence the strong market for socially and environmentally conscious products now. The public is demanding a change and the markets are following, but we still have a long way ahead of us. I think we need to dare to talk more about doing good and making profit in the same sentence. That’s why I believe this Angel Challenge is so important, to be part of training people in the shift and driving a change," says Faldbakken.   Anders is Executive Chairman of Nordic Impact and has a long track record for commercializing technology in international environments, recently as President & CEO of smart energy company Enoro.He invests in the early-stage technology startups with a positive impact on society and environment. Nordic Impact has made 50+ early stage tech startups investments over the last years.“There is no trade off between impact and financial returns, when it comes to impact investing. It is the opposite - a strong correlation. You can make a lot of profit by investing in teams who want to change the world for the better. That way you are contributing to change and vote with your money.” says Lier.Angel Challenge + Katapult Accelerator For the past two years Angel Challenge has trained over 254 investors all over Norway on how to invest in startups. Collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Katapult Accelerator is our first step in expanding the program globally.From 27th of February and till 14th of May 20 investors will not only learn how to invest in startups, but also how to succeed at impact investing.Investors will gain access to a unique network, learn about the startup ecosystem and methods to evaluate with startups.In addition to 4 lectures, investors will participate in 4 workshops and work closely with 12 impact startups from all over the world. These startups have been hand picked after receiving thousands of applications and have battled their way through tough competition.The day program ends, the investors will entrust their first investment to several startups.What is Impact Investing?Investing in purpose-driven companies has exploded in recent years in the Nordics and the world. Investors want to make a positive societal and/or environmental impact with their investments, and gain financial returns.The 2017 Annual Impact Investor Survey from the Global Impact Investing Network (GIIN), which will be published in the middle of May, puts the size of the market at 113.7billion of USD.Angel Challenge is collaborating with the prestigious Center for Sustainable Finance and Private Wealth at University of Zurich. It is the world's first university unit focused on the intersection of sustainable finance and private wealth initiated by Dr. Falko Paetzold.Details about the program:Investor tickets start from 50.000 NOK making it a total money prize over 1.000.000 NOK.You can read more about the program here.There are still few investor spots available. Follow this link to register your interest.Further resources on impact investingNordic ImpactTONIICwww.katapult.tech100% impactFifty Yearsimpact.techEuropeans for Divest-Invest 
    Maria Amelie
  • Winner of the Angel Challenge Health Program 2018 February 15, 2018 2:55 pm
    Last night was the finale of Angel Challenge Health Program. It was a tough choice, our startups (Dignum, Depict, Aristeia, SmartLab Solutions, LundeLab)  showed brilliant business acumen and innovation! We wish them all success and hope that the program has provided them with the tools to reap success in this thriving industry. Congratulations to Gard Moe and Aristeia on winning the Angel Challenge Health Program 2018!Aristeia is developing a new emergency tourniquet for use in military and civilian trauma care. This new innovation will enable first responders to save lives safely and reliably. 1 mill NOK will go to developing the product further, IP and other regulatory verifications.Thank you to our main partners Argentum, DNB and Innovasjon Norge! Thank you to our investors, speakers and supporters! A big thank you goes also to Norway Health Tech, Kathrine Myhre andAnita Moe Larsen for great collaboration and contribution to making this program one of a kind. And of course, thank you to the great startups who participated in the finale - Dignum SmartLab SolutionLundelab and Depict.
    India Campbell
    WELCOME: To an energetic evening event for investors and startups - dedicated to learning more about Health startup investing in Oslo, and Norway.There will be inspiring speakers, food, drinks, and music to enjoy the night in a setting created to learn, network and have fun......with, 5 top Norwegian Health startups pitching to win a 1,000,000 NOK investment! "How to invest in Startups"Angel Challenge is the leading Norwegian startup investor education program for anyone wanting to learn more about how to invest in startups. Some of this knowledge will be shared on the night.Meet investors and startups: This is an invite-only event with guests from the startup and investment community in Oslo, and wider country. Who will be there?All participants from the Angel Challenge programs, Investors, and StartupsAngel Challenge Alumni Investors A group of investor-ready startupsIndustry-leading experts and partnersInvestors curious about Startup Investing The Finalist Startups: SMARTLAB: SmartLab Solutions offers fast, affordable and intuitive diagnostic testing of antibiotic-resistant microbes with automated result analysis and storage without creating antibiotic waste. ARISTEIA: Aristeia is developing a new emergency tourniquet for use in military and civilian trauma care.LUNDELAB: Through therapeutic games, we think that several mental health issues can be dealt with through engaging interactive training.DEPICT: Depict provides simplified, patient-centric information about medicines, allowing users to understand how they may use them correctly.INDEPENDENCE: Dignum is bathroom multi-tool that will enable people with reduced mobility to be independent when performing intimate tasks.Agenda17:00 - 17:15 - Welcome Words 17:15 - 17:45 - The Norwegian Health Tech Industry in 2018, and Enabling Technologies Guest Speaker: Kathrine Myhre. 17:45 - 18:15 - AC PitchesThe 5 AC Health finalists SmartLab, Aristeria, LundeLab, Depict, Independence, will be pitching for their chance at gaining a 1,000,000 NOK investment.18:15 - 19:00 - Dinner & Mingling We will introduce some talking points to assure interesting and valuable conversations are being had. 19:00 - 19:45 - Investing in the Norwegian Health sector This section will be focused on how to/where to invest in the health sector in Norway. Guests: TBC19:45 - 20:00 - AC Story & Winner is announced!20:00 - 22:00 - After Party & DJ 
    Matt Smith
  • Join the first ever training program for impact investing in the Nordics January 17, 2018 9:23 pm
    In February 2018, Angel Challenge and Katapult Accelerator are joining forces to create a first ever training hands on program for impact investing.Together they are inviting investors to learn about impact investing and get access to 12 of the most promising impact & tech startups selected from all over the world. Investor tickets start from 100.000 NOK making it a money prize two times bigger than any of the previous Angel Challenges - over 2.000.000 NOK. “The goal is to create an even stronger impact by not only accelerating startups, but also training and inspiring a group of investors to engage in investing in startups that are changing the world in a positive way, “ says Knut Wien, founding partner of Angel Challenge.  “We seek for founders that want to make a positive impact. We believe in the strong power of founders and the disruptive forces of exponential mindset and technologies. This is a key driver for positive change. Our collaboration with Angel Challenge is a key step in making impact investing mainstream. There is no trade off between impact and financial returns. You can make a lot of profit by investing in teams who want to change the world for the better. That way you are contributing to change and vote with your money.” says Anders H. Lier, chairman and co-founder of Katapult Accelerator.For the past two years over 240 investors have been exposed to over 250 startups at Angel Challenge. Through an extensive series of workshops they have learned about investing in startups, the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Norway and acquired broader network. In 2018 they are planning new Angel Challenges all over Norway. The collaboration with Katapult Accelerator is the first step in scaling the program globally. Nordic Impact is a company that invests in startups based around technology with a mission to have a positive impact on society. They are behind the Katapult Accelerator program, launched on July 31st, 2017 in Oslo, Norway. Their focus is on technology startups that are working to solve real global problems for example with AI and blockchain.On the 19th of February, Katapult is starting a second round of the program. During the three months startups will learn a lot about scaling, get access to unique network of investors, decision makers and mentors. At the same time investors will learn more about impact investing through a series of workshops with Angel Challenge.Investor seats go on sale by the end of January! Learn more and register interest here at Angel Challenge.
    Maria Amelie
    And the winner is PlayPulse! PLAYPULSE: Playpulse transforms high-intensity exercise into a fully fledged gaming experience, in order to boost exercise motivation and battle sedentary lifestyles across the globe.  THE FINALIST STARTUPSBelow is a list of the 5 Finalist Startups selected to participate in the second Angel Challenge Trondheim Program, to work with 20 local investors for their chance to gain a NOK 1,000,000 investment in their company.LEARNLINK : Providing personal, adapted learning for all children through technology-driven one-on-one tutoring.ALVA: New production technology for lightweight, high-performance electric motors and generators.VOICO: – Voico is developing a voice canceling technology which absorbs speech and enables confidential telephone conversations in public places.PLAYPULSE: Playpulse transforms high-intensity exercise into a fully fledged gaming experience, in order to boost exercise motivation and battle sedentary lifestyles across the globe.SMART CYLINDERS: We provide an IoT solution for propane suppliers, to increase the end-users customer loyalty and reduce logistics and administrative costs. THE FINALE, NOV 16thCome and support them at the Finale which will be hosted at Dokkhuset, 16:00-23:00, November 16th. (Tickets have all sold out, email matthew@angelchallenge.com, if still interested to attend)16:00 - 16:30 - Doors Open and Snacks16:30 - 17:15 - It’s a Trondheim Thing - Shining a light on why Trondheim produces great Startups, joined by; Haakon Skår (NTNU Accell) Julie Navarsete (QRRNT), Synne Sollie (NTNU SPARK), Andrea Holvik Thorson (WiralCam), Alf Inge Wang (Kahoot). Then answer audience questions.17:15 - 18:00 - Dinner & Drinks - DNB has kindly provided the catering for all guests, along with 1 drink on the house :)18:00-18:30 - Angel’s of Norway - What is an angel investor? how can you become one? and how to approach then joined by; Erling Magnus Solheim (DoucheBag), Tom Arnoy (CEO, Zedge), Maria Skar (Oslo-based Angel Investor), Larisa Schløsser-Møller (ConnectNorge), Anne Nakkestad (Local Angel Investor). Then answer audience questions.18:30 -  19:00 Angel Challenge Finale Pitches - The 5 Finalists of the Angel Challenge Trondheim 2017 program pitch for a 1million NOK investment! 19:00 - 20:00 - Mingling, Drinks & Music 20:00 - 20:30 - AC Story & Winner is announced!20:30 - 23:00 - After Party & DJ Starts
    Matt Smith
  • How to stop the elevator October 18, 2017 2:00 pm
    "Imagine we meet in the elevator on the first floor in a 10 story building. How are you going to intrigue me to stay in the elevator?" - Investor Maria Skår covers the Angel Challenge Health program in writing. Read here latest blog post here. 
    Maria Skår
    Matt Smith
  • Open Position: Investment Program Manager @ Angel Challenge October 9, 2017 7:56 pm
    Do you have a passion for startups? Are you up for the challenge of activating angel investors in Norway? We may have the job for you!
    Maja Adriaensen
  • Oslo Innovation Week - Whats Hot September 24, 2017 6:14 pm
    They say once is an accident, twice is a coincidence and three times is a tradition. Then with this being the 12th time Innovation Week comes to Oslo, I think we can class it as pilgrimage. Tomorrow over 10000 people will descend on Oslo for a 5 day event (Monday 25th to Friday 29th), which boats 50+ events, 3 full-day conferences, talks, pitching, workshops and afterwork parties.This years OIW (Oslo Innovation Week) is particularly interesting as they have placed ‘changing the world we live in’ as the underlying theme of the week’s activities. Meaning the 5-day long event will shine a spotlight on entrepreneurship, technology and innovations that push the world forward towards sustainable change, so undoubtedly Oslo will be a smorgasbord of interesting ideas for a better world.As a non-native, but living local, I thought i’d spend my Sunday picking out my weeks agenda, and share that with you all, hopefully it will be useful in navigating the weeks hot topics and events.Monday, 25/09Daytime, 2-5:30PM, OIW Opening @ Vippa. Head over to Vippa at 1:30pm and grab lunch from one of the many food trucks in the converted warehouse (never seen that before 🙂 ha but its cool so come over!) This is a place I recommend when visiting Oslo in any case so think of it as 2 birds one stone ;)The actually kick-off which includes keynotes from the likes of Anita Krohn Traaseth (CEO of Innovation Norway) and Cilia Holmes Indahl (Aker Biomarine), runs from 2-5:30pm and is sure to set the tone for the whole week so a must go!Evening: Monday Mixer at SALTThe consensus will no doubt be to head the 300m walk towards the opera house and join the party at SALT. Emergence Projects - a cool firm who work on sustainable and interesting projects will inspire with an experience aiming to start conversations around what will feed us in the future. Plus their will be other talks on sustainability, amongst the live music, beer and food tents, so if you are going to go out on a school night, this is probably your best excuse! See you there. Tuesday, 26/09Morning: 9am-12pm, Digital Transformation: will you sink or surf @ EGGS DesignSounds fun. This event will try to decipher navigating the changes in an increasingly digital world, and adapting your business model to embrace change.Afternoon: 1300-1600, 100 pitches @ SALTHere from some of the best seed stage startups in Norway, as they pitch for their chance to be in the grand finale at the DNB NXT event on Sep 28th. Evening, 5:30pm-9pm, Meet the Disruptors @ Vika KinoThink this will be an interesting one, with a topic of “all the solutions we need to make the world a better place exist, all that is needed is to bring them to scale” This will be followed by the film screening of Al Gore's new movie 'An Inconvenient Sequel - Truth to Power'.For tickets see here: https://tikkio.com/t/c2a4de1fe3d36b31674438a548ce5560 Wednesday, 27/09Morning: 8am-10am, Smart Working City @ Deloitte.Marianne Sætre from Snøhetta (the world famous architects that designed the opera house, which by Wednesday you would have walked past about 10 times at least…..quite gorgeous.) Come to the Deloitte building to hear about the changes in how we work today, and how commercial architecture will shape the way we work better tomorrow.  Afternoon:10am-1pm, Explore the ocean through a digital diving mask and the Pioneer underwater drone @ OHOI.  This will be an awesome one! Blueye Robotics, a kick-ass startup I referred to in my  last article here, will be joined by MovieMask and others to demonstrate how Norwegian hardware is leading the way in solving many of the worlds sustainability issues. Afternoon: 3-5pm, Katapult Accelerator & Nordic Impact Startup Showcase, @ SALTHear from the 12 startups currently in the Katapult Accelerator, hosted by the very smooth voiced author of the Loud American, Sean Percival.Evening 7pm-late, 657 - 5 Year Anniversary! @ 657Oslo’s very own creative industry focussed co-working space 657 will be hosting a celebration to end all celebrations for their 5th anniversary 🙂 …… let’s be honest when creative people are around everything is just a little bit cooler. Thursday, 28/09Morning: 9am-5pm, Nordic AI Summit Norway @ SALTIf you want to learn more about AI and its actual practical application in today’s consumer society, this is the event to join.Afternoon:11am-7pm DNB NXT 2017 @ DNBDNB NXT is an event bringing ideas, knowledge and capital together, and promises to be one of the headline events of the week.Come See Me at 2pm - You will also find me talking at 2pm on the lecture stage about the article I wrote a few weeks back Why Norway? Why now! The talk will be an extension with a more focussed angle on why invest in Norway, and the state of the startup ecosystem.  Friday, 29/09Morning: 8am-9:30am, Impact for breakfast. @ Nordic Impact.A nice way to round off the week by learning how to better impact invest. Rest of the day: 4pm-Late, The Big O! @ SALTThis is where you will find your cultural smorgasbord, with live performances, art and all kinds of other cool things. See you there. So I have told you what is Hot this OIW, Now for what’s not;Well I had planned to say the weather, but so far it's not forecast to rain, and the week should average around 14 degrees celsius, so that kind of killed the joke…...happy sunday 🙂 thanks for reading, Matt.  
    Matt Smith
    Matt Smith
  • Norways New Wave: Hardware September 17, 2017 7:55 pm
    NorWare – From the humble cheese slice to the wooden ski, Norwegian inventors have brought the world many great things. Today, with hardware startups like No Isolation and PodBike reaching international success, Norway's inventors are back and Hardware looks like the new wave!A question I receive a lot is, “what will Norway be known for”? The Swedes are renowned for consumer tech, with Spotify and King, whilst the Danes hold expertise in Foodtech and SaaS thanks to Just East and Podio. Leaving the Fins and Icelanders with gaming, boasting a stream of companies that include Supercell and QuizUp respectively. So where is Norway placed in all of this?Well, in my previous article; Why Norway? Why Now! We established that Norway’s startup ecosystem has been booming over the last 5-years. One emerging trend that has been driving this growth is Hardware. The companies listed below have featured more so than any other vertical in international headlines this year.BlueEyeRobotics; An underwater drone for subsea exploration. Proving to be a game changer for underwater conservation worldwide.PodBike; A human-powered road legal e-bike with electric assist, with NOK 50M+ in pre-sales.FlowMotion; Smartphone stabiliser for on the move videography, raised $1.3M on Kickstarter.  No Isolation; A smart robot that reduces loneliness and isolation amongst children suffering from long-term illnesses. Trialing with many medical organisations.ReMarkable, A revolutionary paper-like digital notepad, as of May reached $12M in presales.Huddly; Have reinvented the camera, to disrupt the remote office video conferencing space. Are also 1 of the only 9 Norwegian startups to raise a $10M+ round this year.One thing they all have in common, they are all hardware (hardware, software, services) companies founded and led by innovative Norwegian inventors. An interesting characteristic of the Norwegian market, but why?To understand what place the inventor hold’s within Norwegian society. One only needs to watch a Norwegian Christmas classic ‘Flåklypa’; a story about an inventor named Reodor Felgen who builds a race car in his workshed ‘Snekkerbu’, to realise this is a nation inspired by invention. It seems that almost every household has a Smørebu’ (Ski Shed/ Man Cave), harboring a proud hobbyist inventor. But what good is a country of introverted hobbyist inventors? One such organisation that has professionalised and accelerated this once hidden private activity, is Creator MakerSpace in Stavanger. A co-working space unlike any, containing topline 3D printers, industrial molding machines and CAD modeling software that would not be out of place in Snøhetta (The architects behind the Oslo opera house). With many of the companies listed above starting out as passion projects, it seems that in the case of this Nordic country, tradition and culture is the mother of all invention.So thanks to these hardware pioneers (listed above) proving there is global appetite for Norwegian invention. With the help of crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter making passion projects marketable, Hardware just might be Norway's thing! Thanks for reading, thanks Andreas for your cultural influence, more to come.    
    Matt Smith
    Matt Smith
  • WHY NORWAY? WHY NOW! September 3, 2017 6:57 pm
    Norway – A country of never ending sunsets, the birthplace of skiing, and recently named the happiest place on earth, but one to take them all – on track to be the fasted growing startup ecosystem in the Nordics.Until 5-10 years ago, Norway rarely featured as a player in the European, or even Nordic startup ecosystem. Fast forward to today, with investments totalling $196.3 million in 2016 representing a +160% increase from 2015, in a few short years, the once dormant ecosystem is proving to have been somewhat of a sleeping giant (or troll) overtaking most of its Scandinavian neighbours as the fastest growing Nordic ecosystem in 2016, second only to their age old winter sports rival and Nordic tech idol Sweden.Now the interesting thing is that the catalyst in this recent growth is no coincidence. It has been driven by an entrepreneurial revolution, recognised and supported by a collaborative effort from the government; through Innovation Norway, have proven invaluable in supporting early stage startups in financial, educational and technical support. Corporates; such as DNB launching NXT accelerator to find the next Fintech success, Telenor are doing the same within the mobile marketing arena and soon more corporates will follow their lead. Even the Royal House is heavily engaged with HRH Crown Prince Haakon becoming an active spokesperson for the Norwegian ecosystem, opening Startup Extreme, and Slush conferences last year.Oslo based co-working spaces like MESH, StartupLab, 657, Gründergarasjen, Y3o, and Bitraf have paved the way for a new breed of ecosystem supporters such as Oslo House of Innovation, Katapult Accelerator and FinTech Factory. And this is by no means Oslo centric, with innovation hubs emerging country-wide such as; Innovation Dock in Stavanger, Impact Hub in Bergen, Flow in Trømso, and Work Work in Trondheim - to name a few. And the best part, this momentum shows no sign of stopping with 30+ new innovation initiatives, incubators and accelerators planned to open in 2017 across the country. Placing Norway on the International radar as a blossoming innovation hub, attracting international interest and investment.This unique support network does not only stop with Startups. We often get so consumed in making startups ‘investor ready’, when in fact, we should be doing equally as much work into making investors ready! The company that I work for does just that. Angel Challenge caters to the other side of the table focusing on educating first-time angel investors attempting to channel some of Norway’s vast financial resources into fuelling startups. To date, 200 investors and 200 startups have been through 11 investment programs, in four cities, with more than $5M that has been invested in 16 startups since 2015. Other organisations such as StartupLab have raised the Founders Fund to support some of their 200+ companies that have taken up an office in their co-working space.But, let’s be honest, in our world of startup, where success is associated with a 1 horned four legged mythical beast, and an ecosystem or, 'unicorn farm' as I like to call it, is only as good as the number of live stock it holds, where does Norway stand in all this? Whilst Norway is better known for whale sighting’s in the fjords, than its startup success stories. In 2016, the country held 44 scaleups that collectively raised $600 million. Adding this to the supportive environment that the Norwegian ecosystem provides early-stage startups, it is not too farfetched to predict unicorn sighting’s in the near future 😉 thanks for reading, more to come, Matt.  Sources:Investment Figures from TheNordicWeb.com - a great source for facts, figures and articles on pan-Nordic investment activity.  
    Matt Smith
  • Alumni Angel Challenge Bergen etablert med suksess August 23, 2017 12:38 pm
    Alumni Angel Challenge Bergen is established and had the first meeting August 22. 
    Knut Wien
    Matt Smith